Parakletos Worldwide Intelligence Network is a commercial investigations firm established in 1998. It provides investigation assistance to Multinationals and Corporate law firms by investigating all aspects of commercial crime including intellectual property theft, counterfeiting, Brand Protection, Trademark Infringement, Counterfeit of Copyright, Trademark. We provide services for business risk investigation, detection and management. It includes but not limited to: Corporate Research, Litigation Services, Business Background Investigations, Background Screening, Due Diligence Investigation, and Verification of Documents. Parakletos Intelligence has business partners all over the country with timely backup of the counterfeit markets and the products in indistinguishing nature. We also offer a wide range of professional research services for the management of your business house.

The competitive edge of Parakletos Intelligence comes from combining our wide spread investigation alliances and our association with the prominent Investigation firms and companies. Competencies with our understanding of upright, straddling a range of sectors from manufacturing, service industry, corporate law firms, marketing companies, financial sectors. Our high quality, high value investigation solutions have helped reshape businesses and delivered measurable results to our customers.

Our Mission

“Based on innovation and creativity, at Parakletos Intelligence, we strive to provide brand owners and value document issuers with efficient and effective market search and survey reports in order to enhance product and document protection against counterfeiting and other fraudulent attacks.”

Our Vision

“Most Admired Service Through “Customer Experience” Create – Consolidate – Innovate !”