About Us


Parakletos Worldwide Intelligence Network Based on the core values of constant innovation, solid commitment desire for perfection and complete discretion in corporate Investigation, anti –counterfeiting, anti-piracy and Brand protection. As acknowledged experts in the field of Intellectual Property Investigation with numerous invasions. The founder and management of Parakletos Intelligence laid and build the basics of a company that develops innovative corporate Investigation and brand protection solutions based on customer’s needs.


Dabru Anand, Chief Executive

Founder Chairman Dabru Anand has 25 years experience in corporate Investigation, anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy and Brand Protection. He has a privilege of working in one of the prime investigation firm with International standards of Investigation in Corporate Research and Trademark Investigations. He has conducted both quantitative and qualitative research studies for companies involved in almost all areas business. 

Sanjiv Kumar, Partner

Sanjiv Kumar has proficient knowledge in IPR infringement, have experience of 20 years in IP infringements like Copyright and Trademark. He has vast knowledge in coordinating investigators and police in counterfeiting raid operation and market knowledge factual analysis. Had conducted inbound raid operation in combating counterfeiting in various parts of the country. He has to his credit large numbers of complicated, risky and multifaceted operations.  

Dr. Rishi Kulshestra, LLD, London

Dr. Rishi Kulshestra has gigantic practical experience in Copyright and Trademark Infringement cases. Practicing Attorney in Intellectual Property Rights in Delhi High Court for induction suits of the incurring damages of the company due to illicit trade of re-owned brands. He is looking after the induction suits to be filed by the companies and Trade names, Trade pass-offs, Trade dress, Trade Secrets , Copyright, Trademark, Geographical Indication, Design

Dr. Pinaki Ghosh, External Advisor to legal matters

High experience in legal analysis and research on various patent matters, legal issues, legal opinion.  Assistant to reviewing the legal research by utilising various resources and selecting the relevant material to analyse the legal information. Extensive knowledge in formulating the best possible legal solution after analysing the legal problem in depth. Have versatile information of the patent and the would-be infringer without permission from the patent holder. Permission is typically granted in the form of the license.  

Mr. Panduranga Rao,  Retd. SP, Karnataka Police,     

He is regional partner taking business operation in South India.  An IPS Officer retired after meticulous service in Karnataka Police. Has professional knowledge and setup in extracting information of the counterfeiters and IP infringement. As a Superintend of Police in Bangalore, was most motivation to attend the scene of offences, investigation of Highway Robbery, Culpable Homicide theft of sensational nature. He kept himself upgraded with complete collective intelligence from CIG, have informers and creating contacts with the members of criminal tribes and another segment of society. Expert ideology on the raids for various purposes relating to the matter affecting social and economic offences. An eminent counsel to resolve the crime.