Copyright legislation is part of the wider body of law known as intellectual property. The term intellectual property refers broadly to the creations of the human mind. Intellectual property rights protect the interests of creators by giving them property rights over their creations.

Brand Protection

As the risks and consequences of counterfeiting, diversion, piracy and over-production increase globally, Brand Owners need a mature, complete anti-counterfeiting brand protection solution in the face of widespread consumer and supply chain apathy. Brand owners can rapidly detect abuses as they occur, then respond quickly and effectively for proactive brand defense, brand owners can also measurably reduce future brand attacks. Brand protection solutions in most do not provide incentives that involve the consumer.

Parakletos Intelligence team of Brand Protection preserves marketing investments, customer trust, and revenues by assisting in the elimination of confusing and potentially fraudulent use of your brand. It safeguards brand equity, marketing investments, revenue and reputation from a wide range of brand abuse: traffic diversion schemes, counterfeit, pirated and gray market sales, false   association, brand defamation and other threats.

Brand Protection secures the value of your marketing investments—while optimizing return on ad spends and other outlays. Detecting the widest range of abuses more quickly and comprehensively, Parakletos Intelligence protects revenues and profits and helps to prevent your brand reputation erosion. Through advanced analytics and unobtrusive market search team of Parakletos pinpoints and prioritizes abuse of your brand and enables greater brand protection impact with less effort. Builds confidence in your brand by warning counterfeiters of the terror and impact of stealing or copying brands.

 Brand protection is an important element of running a business. Parakletos Intelligence  can help you with brand protection services that will ensure that you minimise lost business to competitors and continue to grow your business. We have a number of brand protection services that we can provide for business like yours, if you are interested in brand protection, that is the first step towards protecting your brand.


Parakletos Intelligence can provide services to reduce the number of situations where your content or images are stolen or utilised by competitors. This is an important area of brand protection as much of what you develop is your own intellectual property.


The rights granted under national laws to the owner of copyright in a protected work are normally exclusive rights to authorize a third party to use the work, subject to the legally recognized rights and interests of others.

There are two types of rights under copyright. Economic rights allow the rights owner to derive financial reward from the use of his works by others. Moral rights allow the author to take certain actions to preserve the personal link between him and the work.


Parakletos Intelligence has under development our own internal custom brand protection team that focuses around Image protection. We examine developments in protecting images.


Parakletos Intelligence examine where brand protection for large business has failed in the past regarding their brand image and outline the areas where your business could be exposed to negative press or reviews. Brand management is a growing area of importance to many businesses and those who understand and control their brand will be those who succeed.


The Parakletos Intelligence has provided assistance and advice regarding how to best protect companies brands  using successful grey market search and keeping the complete track record of the markets prominently are involved in counterfeiting operation.


Parakletos Intelligence has a good understanding and works to combine brand control with your overall web strategy.  Brand control examines a number of areas such as brand infringement issues, stolen domains, and can be expanded to examine a number of important areas of how a business can control their brand online.