Business intelligence represents both essential risk management and a significant source of competitive advantage. Hidden agendas can easily derail the best plans and reputations can be damaged and investment lost. Add in regulatory or government interference, corruption, criminality and intellectual property abuse and it is even clearer that businesses need to be fully aware of a wide spectrum of risks.

Parakletos Intelligence provides intelligence that helps protect business ventures, minimize financial losses, increase profits, preserve proprietary data and corporate reputations, and produce successful outcomes in litigation. We investigate internal fraud, malicious activity by employees, competitors or vendors

Whether your company is involved in a merger, acquisition, joint venture, distribution arrangement or a similar business alliance, Parakletos’s investigators help ensure that you possess critical, deal-related background information and operational knowledge before contracts are signed. Parakletos will be provide you the up to date information  of the Financial and operating history ,  Litigation involving the company, Unrealistic projections, Overstated assets and revenues, liabilities, liens or judgments, Environmental liabilities, misrepresentations and non-disclosure of material facts


An organization’s ability to effectively mitigate and capitalize on risk is a growing differentiator in the marketplace with direct impact to business profit and mission effectiveness. In a world of greater complexity, uncertainty and accelerating change, our Advisory Risk Consulting practice positions resilience as a strategic imperative. Teams work cross-functionally within client organizations and with other specialists to factor risk into strategy, finance, operations, and compliance, while distinctively integrating the traditional disciplines of risk management. We supports clients in defining their strategy, formulating business objectives and managing performance while achieving a balance between risk and opportunity/return.

We help clients become more risk resilient by addressing these issues:


Support in the design and implementation of ERM methodologies and approaches as well as in the assessment of known and emerging risks.


 Anticipating and reacting to compliance and regulatory requirements in order to support performance objectives, sustain value and protect the organizational brand. The complexity of the business and regulatory landscape is increasing dramatically. Companies are navigating a proliferation of new regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations, and are challenged to do so in a way that supports performance objectives, sustains value and protects the brand. Critical compliance and regulatory issues include:

  • Protecting brand reputation and value
  • Meeting the demands and expectations of investors, legislators, regulators, customers, employees, analysts, consumers and other key stakeholders
  • Driving value and managing performance expectations for governance, ethics, risk management and compliance
  • Managing crisis and remediation while defending the organization and its executives / board members against legal enforcement and the rising impact of fines, penalties and business disruption


Support in the assessment and evaluation of supply chain risks. We assists companies with supply chain resilience services, including:

  • Supply chain resilience strategy, organization and management
  • Multi-tier supplier risk and resilience
  • Source to finished product integrity
  • Node and route network resilience
  • Supply chain finance
  • Supply chain disruption/continuity analytics


Support in the assessment of the current state of your privacy and data protection environment. Development and implementation of global solutions and support in the management of incidents of identity theft and data mismanagement. We offers a wide range of privacy and data protection services, and can help you:

  • Build an integrated, global privacy compliance and risk framework
  • Conduct privacy, security and/or identity theft prevention assessments & benchmarking of key controls
  • Perform personal information inventories of the business processes and locations that handle high-risk or regulatory sensitive information
  • Build privacy program business plans, budgets and roadmaps
  • Design and implement solutions to address key risks and areas of noncompliance; enhance data classification scheme and technical and physical security safeguards; re-architect global data flows; design automated vendor privacy and security oversight programs
  • Prepare for certification under the Safe Harbor Accord and implementation of other global compliance solutions
  • Assist in the management of incidents of improper disclosure and identity theft, breach notification, forensic investigation as well as negotiation and ongoing compliance with FTC consent decrees and State Attorneys General orders


Advice to audit committees and boards of directors on emerging governance issues and leading practices. Support in the design, development and implementation of governance frameworks.

Policymakers and regulators are focused on changes to corporate governance practices to enhance board transparency, increase director accountability, and give greater voice to shareholders over critical boardroom decisions. PwC shares its perspective on these and other important governance issues.

  • Board composition and diversity
  • CEO and board chair roles
  • Executive compensation
  • Financial regulatory reform
  • Investigations
  • IT governance
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Private companies
  • Risk management
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Strategy and growth
  • Succession planning
  • Sustainability and climate change